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I have been developing iOS app in education since 2012

Currently 5 iOS in Apple store

Project Description

App 1: LakPod

The primary goal of this app is to provide a mobile device social media application for the students in Learning Analytic master program at Teachers College, Columbia University. The weekly discussion lead student could record up to 15 min podcast about the paper topic. And then the other students could leave audio messages for responses. Hope this app would provide an effective learning and communication platform.


App 2: DirectedLearn

The goal of this app is to collect and organize selected educational resources on the internet (most of them from youtube and Vimeo). This product is driven by big data, processed video related text information with natural language processing, and framed with knowledge engineering to identify the connections between videos (in progress ).

All the video are categorized by knowledge domains: educational technology, STEM, mental health, social justice, self-directed learning, autism, civil rights, pop culture, digital citizenship, sustainability….

Enjoy the videos! And hack your Directed Learning!


App 3: DataMind

This app is an assessment tool for students in the data mining course at Columbia University. It contains pre-course, mid-course and post-course questionnaires to help instructors to evaluate the learning progress of the students. It also includes four practice dataset for the students to practice data mining during the group activities. A brief introduction to data mining methods and applications had been posted as well.


Developing app makes my life meaningful! And it connects all the important parts in my life together!

Teachers College, Columbia University

YOLO International Tech Inc.

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